Nobody controls your happiness, besides you.


I can’t tell you how many times I have heard people talk about what they like most in the opposite sex. The answers? Usually eyes, smile, body, sense of humor. But, I haven’t heard anyone ask about what a person does/doesn’t like in a person. Not a future spouse, love interest, etc. Just a person.
This tag is asking me to point out one personal quality that I don’t like in a person, and “extra points” for something I don’t like about myself. I think that’s a bit ridiculous. Why should it be okay for me to point out the flaws in other people, and then point out my own?
So, instead of following the tag, I’m going to put my own spin on it. I’m going to write about what I DO like about:

  1. People in general
  2. A possible future spouse

Because one can never live a positive life, without a positive mind.

Human beings are complicated, powerful, and beautiful. If you think about it, we have more power than any other force in the universe, besides God Himself. We can change our environment intentionally, we can provide for ourselves, teach ourselves, and better ourselves within the species. No other species will ever be as efficient or powerful as the human race. It’s crazy to think about, as I have done many a time. (When normal college students are concerned about loans, and book costs, I’m thinking about stuff like this. Normal, huh?)

Going along with this, I personally, try to find the best in people. It’s the easiest way to live life with a good, positive mindset. I ran across a quote while browsing Pinterest, and it said “Ever Preacher has a past, and every sinner has a future.” It’s been weeks, maybe months, since I came across this quote, and I still dwell on it every once in a while. No one person (besides Jesus) has been, is, or ever will be perfect. It simply isn’t possible. Everyone is guilty of having a bad thought about a co-worker, or peer. Everyone is guilty of not wanting to sit and finish assigned work. Everyone is guilty, including (especially) myself. I can be such a nasty person sometimes. I’ll hide up in my room, like some sort of bell tower, and write for what seems like hours. I’ll hide from my family, from the chaos, and find my serenity in listening to music, and writing. You may be thinking “Well, that doesn’t seem too awfully terrible of a thing to do…” I feel like when I do this, I take advantage of the fact that I have a family to spend time with, and I waste that time by being alone. Some people don’t have families to spend time with. But, everyone has their little get-away plans. Everybody hurts, cries, feels strongly… And everyone also has a good side.

The things I like to see in people are always related to happiness. I like to see a person who is constantly positive, who always has a positive comment to add. Those people are the best to be around, because they radiate, like a little happiness space heater. I like to see a person who is passionately happy about their life. It makes me want to be passionate about something. (I haven’t found my passion yet, but I will. ;)) It makes me want to be happy, all the time. I like to see a person who wants to know about, and help people. I like to see a genuinely happy person. But I know that nobody can be all of these things, all of the time. That’s why we, as human beings, need to help each other out to try to develop these characteristics.
The things I would like to see in a future husband…. I can’t tell you the amount of times my roommate, Hannah, my good friend, Megan, and I have talked about this. My next door neighbor, Liam, and I have even talked about this. Apparently, it’s a big deal.
I feel like I’m picky, but shouldn’t we be? We shouldn’t just settle for someone that shows interest. My “checklist” is as follows:

  • A Godly man, who will make our relationship Christ-centered
  • Someone who can lead me in my walk with Christ
  • A genuinely kind person
  • Patient
  • Good with children (family oriented)
  • Someone who gets along with my family, and friends
  • Has plans for the future
  • Someone I can be genuinely stupid with, and not feel judged
  • A pretty good sense of humor
  • Someone who will listen to me, and will not be afraid to talk with me when he needs someone to listen.
  • Artsy, Musical, or Creative in some way (Fingers crossed for a piano player?)
  • Finally, someone who will love all of me with all of himself, no matter what.

I feel like all of these things are necessary for a future spouse. The person described above is someone that I would be able to spend the rest of my life with.

To think that God put one person on this Earth, set aside just for me, is mind-blowing. To think that the person you’re going to marry (If it’s in the plan for you) is walking around on the Earth doing something right now… It’s insane.

People are so great, if you keep an open mind. We have show much to show, and teach each other. I love people, and I know I always will, because life is never dull when you hang around them.

Think about the people in your life. Each is a blessin’ or a lesson.
Look for the good in all of them for a day.

Did it change your perspective for the better? How?




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